111524, Russia, Moscow, st. Electrodnaya 11-18, office 366
Phone number
+7 (929) 5808955; +7 (929) 5054303
About company
Be-Uni Professional/Stavver Professional are exclusive hairdresser's tools for masters of the beauty industry. The international team of engineers and Beauty-partner of a brand work on creation of unique features of the tool, advancing desires of stylists and creates new trends. In December, 2018 the Be-Uni Professional brand to got The Swiss patent which confirms the main tasks of creators of the tool: Innovations, Quality, Design. Stavver Professional - first-class products for masters of the beauty industry. The exclusive and patented accessories of the Stavver Professional brand are manufactured in Korea, Poland, Italy, China and Russia. They pass high qualities of products of evaluation criterion. The BEAUTY UNIVERS company makes wholesale sales and gives its customers innovative productsand, high-quality service, but also the flexible system of discounts, bonus programs and actions. The company constantly holds seminars and the presentations of the tool and accessories.
Stavver Professional, Be-Uni Professional