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Summary of beauty and personal care market in Russia

Beauty and personal care saw high current retail value growth in 2015. This was driven by increased unit prices as a result of rouble devaluation, despite companies’ efforts to restrain hikes in unit prices by reducing pack sizes.
Beauty and personal care declined in volume terms in 2015 across all categories, with the exception of baby and child-specific products. Russian consumers prioritised the health of their children and maintained consumption of such products despite limited budgets.

Downtrading the key trend in 2015

Downtrading was strong in beauty and personal care in Russia in 2015. Consumers shifted towards more rational choices in their purchasing preferences, and considered the necessity of each product. Consumers reduced usage of products perceived as non-essential, such as bath additives and dental floss, and usage of products of several brands at the same time. Decreasing consumer purchasing power led to a shift towards cheaper products in beauty and personal care.

Local companies strengthen market position 

Though international players continued to dominate, domestic players capitalised on the downtrading trend, and benefited from their strong presence in economy and mid-priced ranges. Local companies made an effort to compete with the multinational giants, and took advantage of greater consumer price sensitivity. Local players are expected to strengthen their positions over the forecast period.

Products with added extracts and non-damaging ingredients show intensified development

Consumers became more rational in their purchasing choices, and educated themselves regarding ingredients and products. This drove the continued popularity of beauty and personal care products with natural positioning and added extracts. Players introduced a number of products based on natural ingredients and non-damaging ingredients with such companies as Natura Siberica OOO, Kalina Concern OAO, Splat-Kosmetika OOO particularly active in product launches. Consumers’ interest in added extracts contributed also to the growing popularity of Korean brands in skin care.

Source: Euromonitor.com